In the Opening of the Romanian Moral Philosophizing, Didactic and Pedagogic Publishing House, Bucharest, 2008

      The book represents a peculiar kind of spiritual challenge into the self-knowledge and self-understanding as regards the Romanian ethos. In terms of an integrator hermeneutics, there is displayed a referential topics of nowadays, that of balancing between ‘increased differentiating and more profound fitting in’. The author tries to disclose and to emphasize the signs and the meaning of the creator beingness in the horizon of the national morality, by identifying the values in which the Romanian character is enrooted; end, no less, the values that may enlighten the way of outrunning the present moral crisis. The perspective is one of the duty and the right to be activated for the development of the positive elements sustaining the Romanianity to inscribe itself, by dignity, in the world; through the exploration of an authentic culture made by elevated personalities belonging to the philosophizing territory.



Prof. Carmen COZMA