Introduction to Aretelogy. A Short Treatise of Ethics, „Al.I.Cuza” University Publishing House, Iaşi, 2001; second edition, 2004

      The author unfolds an approach of ethics by the holistic and dynamic meaning of „aretelogy”. We face a personal vision developed as virtue ethics – actually, one of the main directions in the last decades philosophical debate in the world. The book aims to awake the reader in the horizon of the „supreme value of the human” – that man is able to accomplish it, and at the same time he owes to realize it, by discovering and showing his very own „merit” / „àreté”; namely, his moral „excellence”. „Aretelogy” is an aporethical theory, having a function to sustain the knowledge and appropriation of a guidance-lesson in life, that can help human being to reveal and to attain the happiness of a good life worth to be lived.



Prof. Carmen COZMA