Ethos of Music Art. Essays in Moral Philosophy, Junimea Publishing House, Iaşi, 2000; second edition, reviewedand augmented, 3D ARTE Publishing House, Iaşi, 2007

      Coming from the intimate knowledge-experience of music art and putting in act a serious meditation upon the profound relation between moral philosophy and music art, this booklet is a motive of stimulating the „spirit’s joy” living, by understanding the significance of „ethos of music art” for humanity. The reader is introduced in a transdisciplinary universe of emerging ethics, aesthetics, philosophy of language, hermeneutics, phenomenology, semiotics, in direction to catch the extraordinary power that art of harmonious sounds can exert on the self-fulfillment of the subject who is open to receive the hedonist, utilitarian, and eudaemonist message, one of „moral health” which the veritable music offers.



Prof. Carmen COZMA