Between Philosophy and Art: Phenomenology within the Brancusian Art, Performantica Publishing House, Iasi, 2014

      The volume is a tribute to the Romanian sculptor Constantin Brancusi, a peerless artist who lived and worked his entire life immersed in his graceful and spiritual childhood.
      Art and philosophy merge into his artistic creations, embracing both the universality of nature and human moods. "The artwork itself is the response" the artist used to say and he let us his truth as legacy.
      The phenomenological analysis of Brancusi's art starts from the concept of archetype; it passes through the mystery of tradition and reaches to be revealed as transforming itself in the novelty of the unique shapes creation. Visually, the Brancusian works do not show, nor hide the reality plan, but they convey its true essence. The works of art by Constantin Brancusi need to be symbolically considered and recognized through what they are able to emanate not only from a metaphysical point of view, but also in a phenomenological interpretation.







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