Studies of Philosophy Educating Humanity, Junimea Publishing House, Iaşi, 1997

      Replying to the captivities of a time that is marked by excessive interest of material consumption, of speed, of superficialty and artificialty; also, a time of a stressed spiritual alienation, the colected papers of the present volume are the fruit of a long meditation upon the situation-in-the-world of contemporary human being. They are, no less, a call for responsible commitment of each of us in finding ways to transcend the moral crisis, in identifying the chances of following that the author names the „anabasical trajectory”, and in affirmation of the creative potential of human being, eventually. „Educating humanity” is claimed like a priority of present days. It is conceived to be realized in terms of an interdisciplinary philosophical-educational and ethical-aesthetical perspective, by outlining a „philosophy of the example to be followed”, too.



Prof. Carmen COZMA