Thinking the Philosophy, Performantica Publishing House, Iaşi, 2009

      In terms of transdisciplinarity, the book highlights the dialogue of philosophy, religion, psychology and educational sciences, of sociology and arts, and no less of ethics and aesthetics. Coming from the very own life experience of the author, this writing opens new itineraries for the humanities and social education.
      Serious topics are discussed: the concept of archetype within the human culture; critics and arts; the leisure experience; the creative social agent; the creativity of the human condition; the particularities of the knowledge society; the truth and the cognition; the semiotics of silence; education and faith, generally. The author especially follows some issues, like: the prayer and rogatio as forms of communication; the phenomenology and the question of holiness; the romanticism and art, emotion and reason.
      Without claiming a certain orientation in such a large territory of reflection, the final remarks are putted under a fundamental interrogation for human being: is it possible an axiology of faith?







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