Simboluri ale artei medievale / Symbols of Mediaeval Art, 2009

      The work is focusing upon the understanding of the mediaeval symbolic thinking through the artistic representations. From the ancient Christian paintings of the Roman catacombs to the sculptures of the Gothic Cathedrals, the symbol is, for the mediaeval human being, a pathway of entering the territory where the reason can not reach. The Byzantine icon is a kind of bridge between the visible and the invisible, an affirmation of the heavenly world by denying the materiality eventually. The mediaeval churches and cathedrals are revealing as veritable treasures of symbols.
      Considering the proportions of the buildings, the sculptures and ornaments of the facades – e.g. the faces of the four apocalyptical beings identified like the four Evangelists around Jesus Christ -, we can see that the all is impregnated by the symbolic value and shows a desire of knowledge for the unseen divine worlds.



carte2 Laura-Codrina IONITA