Invizibilul in arta abstracta a secolului XX / The Invisible in Abstract Art of 20th Century, 2004

      The analysis of the abstract art seems to be an essentially one in understanding the art, generally. The artworks, even those that are very attached to the figurative representations, are revealing as an abstract structure of lines and colors; it is a structure sustaining the reproduction of the visible – like an axis. Beyond this revelation of the geometric and chromatic structure, the abstract art could be understood also as a unique expression modality of an invisible which is impossible to be imaged in somewhere else.
      According to W.Kandinsky, the art is the expression of an internal necessity, of a deep spirituality. Using the abstraction, P.Mondrian tries to conciliate the materiality of art with the divine perfection. In his turn, K.Malevici reaches the “zero point” of the painting, by abandoning the world of representation and by imposing the “sensitivity dominance”. A phenomenological approach highlights the abstract art as image of the invisible. To aware of the invisible glance, in looking of a picture, that makes part of the sense of the abstract art.



carte1 Laura-Codrina IONITA