Meloethics. A Semiotic Essay on the Moral Values of the Artistic-Musical Creation, Junimea Publishing House, Iaşi, 1996

      In the framework of an integratory hermeneutical perspective, and using the semiotics of music, this book launches a new concept, that of „meloethics”. As a complex unity of profoundness, in its dynamics, respectively the unity of music art and of moral values on which the first is grounded, no less it develops itself and activates them through the peculiar modalities of melody, harmony and rhythm, the „meloethics” enriches the categorial apparatus of philosophy, having a large potential to be applied in ethics, aesthetics, philosophy of art, philosophy of musical language. Unfolding a vast theoretical analysis, the author motivates her original thesis on the basis of what she considers to be an „onto-ethics of music art”. The approach continuously finds support in the universal musical creation, since ancient fragments of monodies till the sublime chamber and symphonic music of classicism and of contemporary music. As supreme expression of „meloethics”, the author selects the creation of George Enescu – a privileged example within the philosophical-moral universe of the human value.



Prof. Carmen COZMA